Commercial demolition and strip out are done when a property has been acquired by another company and wishes to clear out and start the new project from scratch, or when the building is no longer safe and needs to be demolished for safety. This can be done partially or for total demolition.

Elev8 Rubbish Removal are licensed and certified to offer Commercial Demolition and Strip out services with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This major project is one of our expertise, following the correct guidelines of safety and security. We are willing to work with you and the local council to ensure that the demolition process is fully compliant with the council regulations, and completely issued with the necessary permits.

Our demolition best practices:

  1. Planning. What is safety without thorough research and planning? For each of our commercial demolition and strip out projects we carefully conduct research and planning in the area and of the building before undertaking any actual demolition.

  2. Safety First. We make sure safety guidelines are strictly followed to avoid accidents in the area and among our team.

  3. Precision Equipment. Since commercial demolition are usually done in a large scale, our sophisticated demolition equipment and machines are the latest and well maintained, operated only by trained professionals.

  4. Expertise. Our team of contractors are professionals in their field and have been working with these projects for more than 15 years.

  5. Integrity and Hard Work. We pride ourselves with our attention to details, integrity and hard work to keep our clients happy. We wouldn’t last this long if we were sloppy.

  6. Green Focus. Some demolition waste can be hazardous. We have good knowledge in waste management and regulations pertaining to commercial demolition and strip out.

For us, a good demolition project has minimal impact on the environment. The rubbish generated after the demolition project are also cleaned up and dumped properly or salvaged and resold saving you some money.


Elev8 Rubbish Removal is fully licensed and insured and we offer guarantees on all our work. Give us a call or send us an email today to speak to an expert about your individual situation so we can give you an idea of the process, timeframes and cost – we look forward to speaking to you!


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