Are you moving into a new office and need to make it your own personal space? Or are you moving out of an office and need to get it back to scratch? We’re here to help. Elev8 Rubbish Removal has had over 15 years experience with office strip outs in Sydney.

Whether you’re after a commercial strip out or demolition services for your office, we are a professional team that completes every job to the highest quality for your peace of mind.

You might find a whole lot of waste in your office that you need to dispose of. Besides from furnishings like desks, chairs and electronics, there are many bulky goods that should be removed professionally to avoid any injuries that could occur. Common waste that comes from an office strip out includes concrete, shelving, wood, bricks, carpet and tiles. We ensure that with every demolition in Sydney, we remove all demolition waste and ensure no hazardous materials are left behind.

If you’re looking to remove any fixtures, knock a wall down, or renovate a space, we are your specialist team that you don’t need to look any further with. We are ready to take on your demolition work.

We can get your office space looking up to scratch so you don’t have to forfeit anything from your lease agreement. Once we fix up your office, we always ensure that we clean up the area and leave it looking pristine. We ensure all waste is collected to provide the best strip out service in Sydney.

The benefit of using our service means you can relax knowing your office will be exactly what you imagined and with no dirt left behind. We will complete your office strip out seamlessly and efficiently. We complete every job with the environment in mind and we aim to recycle a lot of the waste that comes from your office strip out.

We provide free quotes for your office strip out in Sydney. You can give us a call on (02) 9035 8005 or request a quote online for your convenience. We are ready to take on your complete strip out project!


Elev8 Rubbish Removal is fully licensed and insured and we offer guarantees on all our work. Give us a call or send us an email today to speak to an expert about your individual situation so we can give you an idea of the process, timeframes and cost – we look forward to speaking to you!


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